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A few months ago (I only just learned about this website earlier today) I went to Bridgeman's to have a nice lunch with my mom. The food was good... until I got to dessert. I've been to Bridgeman's a few other times and I keep coming back because their ice cream is so good. However, this time, as I was eating my ice cream, I bit down on something hard and cold. I thought it was just ice, because I chewed on it and it broke into pieces... but the pieces never got smaller. Nervously, I spat out the bits of stuff in my mouth, only to find that it was a small piece of metal.

Obviously this is a huge issue. I could have cut my mouth on it, swallowed it, you name it. Thank God I'm not allergic to whatever type of metal that was.

Being rightfully pissed, we called over the waitress and we expected a big reaction like we had, but instead she made a face of dull surprise and didn't say much other than "oh no" and "maybe it's a piece of the ice cream scooper."

She went back saying she'd ask the person serving the ice cream about it. We waited at least 15 minutes for her to come back... to our table. She left the kitchen area maybe 2 minutes after she left our table, then came back out, serving customers and giving out refills as usual. it's like she totally forgot we were there.

So 15+ minutes pass and we would have left already but we wanted some kind of explanation. Eventually she came back and basically said "I don't know why that happened," and asked me if I wanted more ice cream out of a different tub instead. WHAT?

She did not care at all that a customer could have swallowed something entirely edible and potentially have an allergic reaction.

We declined her offer and decided to just leave, because she wasn't going to do anything but stare at us like she was bored.

On the way out, we talked to a man at the counter where you can buy just ice cream by itself. He looked like the manager, but I'm not sure.

My mom mentioned the metal bits, and he said "oh, sorry." without even looking at us.

wow. what a heartfelt apology. Thanks, Bridgeman's.

Our food was free, but we deserved more than that pathetic "apology."

I will never go back there again.

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